All About Maine

All About Maine

All About MaineMaine is recognized as one of the most healthful states in the nation—summer temperatures average 70 degrees F and winter temps average 20 degrees F.
Maine abounds in natural assets—542,629 acres of state and national parks, including the 92-mile Allagash Wilderness Waterway, Acadia National Park (the second most visited national park in the United States), and Baxter State Park (location of Mt. Katahdin and the northern end of the Appalachian Trail—the 5,267-foot Baxter Peak on Katahdin is the first spot in the United States to see the sunrise!). Maine boasts 6,000 lakes and ponds, 32,000 miles of rivers and streams, 17 million acres of forestland, 3,478 beautiful miles of coastline, and 2,000 islands.

Maine claims America’s first chartered city—York, in 1641.

Maine has 63 lighthouses, including Portland Head Light commissioned by President George Washington.

Maine is the vacation home to former president and first lady George and Barbara Bush (Kennebunkport).

Maine zinc and copper deposits are some of the biggest in the country.

Maine forests cover 90 percent of the state.

Maine consists of 16 counties with 22 cities, 424 towns, 51 plantations, and 416 unorganized townships. Maine has one county (Aroostook) so big (6,453 square miles) that it actually covers an area greater than the combined size of Connecticut and Rhode Island. Maine is about 320 miles long and 210 miles wide, with a total of 33,215 square miles—about as big as the other five New England states combined.
Maine until 1958, Maine held its presidential elections two months before the rest of the country. People said “As Maine goes, so goes the nation.” They looked at the results from Maine to predict who would be president.

Maine is America’s largest blueberry growing state, raising 98% of the low bush blueberries in the United States. Potatoes rank third in acreage and third in production nationally.

Maine is the home to such great writers as Stephen King and E.B. White.

Maine is internationally famed for its shellfish, averaging nearly 40 million pounds of lobster harvested annually.

Maine earmuffs were invented in Maine by Chester Greenwood in 1873.

Maine has more moose per square mile than any other state.

State Facts

* State Capital: Augusta
* Population: Approximately 1.2 million
* State Gemstone: Tourmaline
* State Fossil: Pertica quadrifaria
* State Cat: Maine Coon Cat
* State Insect: Honeybee
* State Bird: Chickadee
* State Tree: White Pine
* State Fish: Landlocked Salmon
* State Motto: Dirigo (I lead)
* State Animal: Moose
* State Floral Emblem: White Pine Cone With Tassel
* State Song: “State of Maine Song”

“State of Maine Song”
Lyrics and music by Roger Vinton Snow

Grand State of Maine
Proudly we sing
To tell your glories to the land
To shout your praises till the echoes ring

Should fate unkind
Send us to roam
The scent of the fragrant pines
The tang of the salty sea
Will call us home


Oh, Pine Tree State
Your woods, fields and hills
Your lakes, streams and rock bound coast
Will ever fill our hearts with thrills
And tho’ we seek far and wide
Our search will be in vain
To find a fairer spot on earth
Than Maine! Maine! Maine!