United States Presidents

Our hotel’s theme is the Presidency and the White House, but it’s more than just a theme.
Visiting the White House Inn Bangor is second only to visiting the White House itself! You’ll find presidential memorabilia from Presidential M&Ms to White House towels to our Hall of Presidents.

We’re endeavoring to make our Web site reflect this presidential theme, so here we invite you to explore the many fun and interesting things we’ve collected about the greatest institution in the free world: the Presidency of the United States!

The White House – the official Web site of the White House in Washington, D.C. It’s full of presidential history, White House facts, and great pictures. (But you have a much better chance of getting a room with us.)

The Kennedy-Lincoln Coincidences – You may have heard about the bizarre coincidence between the lives, deaths, and afterlives of John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln. This page brings together all the truths, dispels the rumors, and keep you wondering.

The Ridley Presidential Tour – on is Dennis Ridley’s masterful composition of chiastic remarks about each and every president. While there, check out one of the site’s “Masters of Chiasmus,” John F. Kennedy, who often used chiasmus. (If you don’t know, chiasmus is the inversion of the same words in separate clauses, such as in JFK’s “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”)

The Diaries of George Washington – George kept diaries from 1748 until the last day prior to his death. Read them here.

Jelly Belly Art Gallery – Reagan’s favorite jelly bean maker, Jelly Belly, has several presidential portraits made entirely out of jelly beans.